Infra Red Sauna in Beverly Hills
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Infra Red Sauna in Beverly Hills
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Infra Red Sauna.

Recommended by more physicans than any other saunas.
Our skin is the largest elimination organ of the body. Sweating is fantastic in that it opens up the passageways of the skin and allows toxins to release freely.

Infra red saunas are specially designed dry heat saunas for deep cleansing. The infra red rays (not to be confused with ultraviolet rays) penetrate the body up to an inch and a half deep causing the liquid within our cells to vibrate, shaking free bonded toxins and allowing them to flow out into circulation and away from the tissue. This internal heating also stimulates the immune system and increasing the production of white blood cells and anticancer proteins.

Infrared heat therapy sauna treatment utilizes radiant heat to penetrate deep into the body's tissues, warming and eliminating fats, chemicals, and toxins. Benefits include improved circulation, immune system strength, pain and stress relief, and a noticeable improvement in skin health and appearance.

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