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Nutritionist/Chiropractic. Beverly Hills Health Center
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Nutritionist/Chiropractic by Doctor Gregory S. Malakoff

B.S.: State University of N.Y.
Doctorate: New York Chiropractic College
Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurological Board (DACNB)
Workers Compensation QME (Qualified Medical Examiner)
Gentle Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)

Years in practice, 1983-Present
Practiced internationally, 1987-1991
Part of a medical team for Pain Management in an Israeli Hospital.

Nutritionist / Chiropractic Over many years in practice I discovered that most people sitting in my reception area didn't need to be there. What I found is millions of people suffer needlessly due to nutritional deficiencies. In the 1960s my mother was diagnosed with cancer twice. After conventional medicine failed, she began using whole food natural supplements. She is still alive at 91. Growing up in a holistic environment led me to chiropractic college and continuing studies in the field of nutrition. I have spent many weekends learning at Standard Process sponsored nutritional seminars. It takes a lot of training to understand the appropriate use of these low dose whole food supplements. Because of constant nutritional discoveries, I continue to study in order to bring my patients the best solutions to their health challenges. It never fails to amaze me that the power to heal so much illness has been available in nature all along.

Chiropractic neurology is a new specialty in the chiropractic profession. Currently, there are only 264 active diplomate chiropractic neurologists in the world. Doctors who have earned their Diplomate in chiropractic neurology have taken it upon themselves to go beyond the conventional confines of chiropractic. After completing chiropractic education, chiropractic neurologists embark on an additional 2-year program that specializes in cutting-edge, neurology based, health care.

Techniques utilized by chiropractic neurologists have been shown to be helpful in the alleviation of symptoms associated with chronic disease. A more complete understanding of brain and spinal cord anatomy, physiology, and function, allows chiropractic neurologists to treat very complex cases. This neurology program is the first and only chiropractic postgraduate course of study to be awarded full accreditation with the National Commission for Certification Agencies (NCCA) a branch of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).

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